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Look Ma, the discipline guru has something to tell us


It appears that Chappal has given the ultimate proof of him being a disciplined man. He has confessed to gesturing the crowd in Kolkata in an obsence manner just because they didn't support his dwindling team. Well done Chappal ji, you have proved yourself to be a loser. Quotting an extract from The Telegraph:
Calcutta, Nov. 26: It was 4.45 am at the front desk of Taj Bengal when Team India coach Greg Chappell arrived to sign out and head for the airport.

The Telegraph approached him to check on the ‘middle-finger’ controversy raging in the city since the Indian batting collapse at the Eden Gardens on Friday. The gesture, captured on camera by a local TV production company, was traced back to when Chappell was boarding the team bus after the pre-match practice session at the Eden on Thursday afternoon.

The Telegraph: Mr Chappell, did you make that gesture with your finger?

Chappell: Yes, I did.

TT: You mean to say the image is not doctored?

Chappell: No, it is not doctored.

TT: Was it made at the media?

Chappell: No, never. It was not aimed at the media.

TT: Was it towards the crowd? Would you please specify?

Chappell: I do not think I need to specify the reason to you.

TT: Has the behaviour of the Calcutta crowd disappointed you?

Chappell: It was bizarre.
All hail to the 'guru' of cricketing discipline!!!

Just think what would happen if some of these jumbo jets flies through the Indian skies. With LCC's already making the move on middle class passengers, these can further reduce the costs of aviation, thus bringing air travel to almost everybody's pocket. No more trains or buses and no more wastage of time!!!

Politically Speaking...


Politically speaking our Indian team (selectors and Chappal, et al) can possibly put any Lallu, bhallu or kallu to shame. First it was the shameful publishing of Chappal's email (darned gremlins in the servers) that stirred up a controversy and guess who suffered the brunt of it, Saurav Ganguly. But ofcourse there was the question of his performance then. True, agreed. If that's how it rolls, then why is Sachin or Sehwag not sent on exile. Sachin hasn't scored anything above 20 in the last six matches and Sehwag has only one, over fifty mark to boost of. Dravid is in the same precarious position and so is Chappal's experiment in every match strategy. But that is ofcourse long forgotten history.

Coming to the match at Eden Gardens versus South Africa, India's method of loss would have put Bangladesh to shame. With a huge loss of ten wickets, Dravid's comments after the match would have put Ramlal (our friendly, neighbourhood cricket captain) to shame as well. According to him, India would certainly make a come back if its top order clicked. Also, (he said) going by the Law of Averages, Sachin is due to make a big score very soon. Ya, sure, like Ramlal is going to lead the Indian Team in the next series. What I can't understand is that, can't the Kiran More see that the 'Little' Master is not in form and another person would probably do better for the team than him!

The next surprising thing that I noticed in the last few matches is Chappal's Dr. Frankie type loony experiments. He keeps on changing the batting order in every match. There is nothing called stability. What's more, his experiment at the Eden surprised me even more. What's the point of opening the batting with Irfan Pathan when Dhoni was in such a good form? Why make him come out after Kaif who hasn't been performing so well in the last few matches? Why keep Gambhir in the team when its clear that he is unable to deliver consistently? Why not take another youngster? Forget Saurav or Sachin or Sehwag, why not play one, just one match with youngsters who has delivered consistently at the International or National Level? Surely that can't be any more crazier that making Irfan Pathan face Pollock in the first over!!!

UPDATE: Looks like Chappal has something to tell us.

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