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Look Ma, the discipline guru has something to tell us

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It appears that Chappal has given the ultimate proof of him being a disciplined man. He has confessed to gesturing the crowd in Kolkata in an obsence manner just because they didn't support his dwindling team. Well done Chappal ji, you have proved yourself to be a loser. Quotting an extract from The Telegraph:
Calcutta, Nov. 26: It was 4.45 am at the front desk of Taj Bengal when Team India coach Greg Chappell arrived to sign out and head for the airport.

The Telegraph approached him to check on the ‘middle-finger’ controversy raging in the city since the Indian batting collapse at the Eden Gardens on Friday. The gesture, captured on camera by a local TV production company, was traced back to when Chappell was boarding the team bus after the pre-match practice session at the Eden on Thursday afternoon.

The Telegraph: Mr Chappell, did you make that gesture with your finger?

Chappell: Yes, I did.

TT: You mean to say the image is not doctored?

Chappell: No, it is not doctored.

TT: Was it made at the media?

Chappell: No, never. It was not aimed at the media.

TT: Was it towards the crowd? Would you please specify?

Chappell: I do not think I need to specify the reason to you.

TT: Has the behaviour of the Calcutta crowd disappointed you?

Chappell: It was bizarre.
All hail to the 'guru' of cricketing discipline!!!

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